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Computer Programming 1 (C++)
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Extra Help
One of the great things about Lowell is the flexibility of the modular schedule. I'm usually available to meet with students in room 334 for tutoring and extra help mods 9,10,13,14.

MATH TUTORING: In addition to meeting with me during my free mods, Math students have several options for free tutoring:

  1. Students can request a peer tutor from CSF in room 215.
  2. The Math club offers peer tutoring after school on Thursdays in room S-201.
  3. Math teachers are available all day in room 344 for tutoring.
  4. Tutoring with SF State Student Volunteers: See Brad Goya in T14 (Wellness Center) ext. 3030
Course Descriptions

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING 1: This one-semester course is an introduction to computer programming and problem solving using the C++ language. No prior programming experience required. Course concepts include: problem solving techniques, program design, control structures, data structures, computer graphics, algorithms, programming environment and hardware. Free Windows C++ software is provided. This course is highly recommended for any student interested in a career as a computer programmer or interested in majoring in computer science at college.

COMPUTER PROGRAMMING 2: This one semester course is a continuation of the concepts and principles introduced in Computer Programming 1, using Java as the programming platform. Topics covered will include classes, objects, arrays, dynamic memory allocation, HTML, and an object-oriented approach to problem-solving and program development. Students will construct both applets and standalone applications. Free Windows Java software is provided.

COMPUTER SCIENCE - ADVANCED PLACEMENT 1 & 2: This two semsester course sequence prepares students for the College Board Advanced Placement exam in Computer Science. (note: the AP exam will switch from C++ to Java for the 2003 - 2004 school year) Topics covered will include the APCS C++ classes, pointers, file handling, dynamic memory allocation, analysis in the timing and efficiency of algorithms, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, searching, sorting, and recursion. Free Windows C++ software is provided.
GRADE LEVEL: 10 - 12 PREREQUISITES: Requires grade of B or better in Computer Programming 1 or 2 or permission of teacher

ALGEBRA 1: The first semester of the first year of algebra presents a study of symbols and sets, variables, properties of the natural and real numbers, operations with monomials and polynomials, linear equations and inequalities in one or two variables, polynomials and factoring.

ALGEBRA 2: The second semester of the first year of algebra covers the study of polynomials, factoring, graphing and solutions of systems of equations or inequalities, operations on rational expressions, properties of exponents and radicals, the solutions of quadratic equations, probability and statistics, and elementary trigonometry.
GRADE LEVEL: 9 - 12 PREREQUISITES: Passing grade in Algebra 1

Grading Policy
In my computer classes grades for each six week marking period are based on a weighted average of quizzes (70%), assignments (20%) and class participation (10%) for that grading period. The class participation grade is a subjective grade based on your productive use of lab time. The semester grade is the average of the three six week marking period grades and the final exam.

In my algebra class, the grade for each six week marking period is the average of the test grades for that marking period. Homework is collected every test day and missing homework may have a negative effect on that test grade. The semester grade is the average of the three six week marking period grades and the final exam.
Timeliness and regular attendence are critical. Citizenship is based primarily on tardies and/or class cuts as well as in-class behavior. 3 tardies in a 6 week period results in an W. Any cuts result in a U.
Questions and Comments
This purpose of this homepage is to provide an easy way for students and parents to check grades in my class and to facilitate communication. Let me know if your have any comments or suggestions.
Lowell Computer Lab (Room 334): 564-9758